Gamecock Products

ShowTime Gamecock Conditioner

Showtime Gamecock Conditioner contains the highest quality ingredients. This feed is scientifically formulated to provide all the nutritional elements needed for the best conditioning and stamina.

ShowTime Gamecock Maintenance

Showtime Gamecock Maintenance contains only the highest quality polished and cleaned grains. This feed is scientifically formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of adult game birds. Showtime Gamecock Maintenance is fortified with vitamins, minerals, protein, and energy.

Extreme Grain Scratch

Grain mixture for poultry.

ShowTime King Rooster Pellets

Rooster Booster Pellets

An excellent supplement to be fed with grains and/or scratch. This product is heavily fortified with vitamins, minerals, and protein for a total diet when a competitive edge is desired.

ShowTime Supreme Medicated Rooster Pellets

As an aid in prevention of coccidiosis. Treatment of chronic respiratory disease (air sac infection), bluecomb (non-specific infectious enterititis). ACTIVE DRUG INGREDIENT Amprolium - 0.0125% Disalicylate - 200 g/ton

Cocker's Choice

A feed mixture for Game Poultry.

ShowTime Valiente Mix

"El Jefe"